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Monday, August 30, 2008
Why I Decided To Get In Shape & Become more Healthier

Welcome to my site....

This is my own personal site on how I stay healthy and lost fat and turned my body into more of a muscular build. Im not selling any e-book or product, just here to add my two cents or hopyfully inspire others!!
You can go to my contact page and email me questions, comments, i will answer them all, and also post them. I have how I eat, what I eat. How I workout, what exercises I do, what days i do them. There are many of tips and products in this site I use that have helped me along the way.

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About Me... Everthing you want to know!

Well I'm from Pittsburgh, PA home of the Steelers. I work as a Vault Manager at an Armored Truck company. I have a cat, and dog, love em both! Why I started my transformation and started this site? Because I was tired of being fat, unhealthy and out of shape. In high school I played football, baseball, I was in shape, healthy & confident. I stayed that way until I was 17. I became lazy, fat, unhealthy, anti-social, and I lost all my self-confidence. When i turned 22, I was driving past a gym that had a huge Banner that read 1 year membership $99, I went the next day to the no longer Kings Gym and handed them the money and I decided it was time to make some major changes. I decided that I was not going to continue to live my life feeling miserable and unhappy everytime i put on jeans or a shirt that i just cound't fit into anymore. I began to educate myself, by searching the internet and asking alot of questions at the gym.

Get Fit.. and Get Fit FAST!!

Don't be scared of taking your Protein

Eating foods with protein keeps you satiated and boosts your metabolism. Protein is composed of amino acids, which take a long time to break down, so your body works harder to digest them and burns calories quickly. What’s more, protein ignites the production of the hormone glucagon, which moves fat to your bloodstream to use for energy, not storage. Stay away from no-carb deits, just make sure to eat plenty of lean protein like chicken, fish, low-fat cheese, beans, and yogurt. 

Fat isn't that bad for You

 Many people think losing weight means cutting off fat. Just eat the right types of fat—monounsaturated fat—will keep pounds at bay. So include nuts, peanut butter,( i eat alot of peanut butter) and avocado in your diet. These foods enhance the breakdown of stored fat, and studies show monounsaturated fats are more satisfying than other types, so people eat less of them. And get your omega-3s (found in soybeans, walnuts, and salmon). And lastly, stay away from foods that contain transfats, which are mostly found in packaged, processed food.

Try Interval Training

 It’s a feat to last 40 minutes on the treadmill. But did you know you could shorten the length of your workout and see quicker results by adding small bursts of activity to your routine? Here’s how: Limit cardio to 20 minutes, and add a 30-second sprint to your jog every five minutes or a two-minute incline to your treadmill workout. “You’ll increase your metabolism this way. Or, if you don’t have time for a proper workout, squeeze in stair climbing or short walks to reap similar effects. 

Lift Weights

Strength training keeps your metabolism purring even when you’re just sitting down. The key is choosing weights that feel like a struggle to lift. “If you can easily do 16 to 18 repetitions, you’re shortchanging yourself. “You’ll see results quicker when you use heavier weights and do fewer reps 

Eat Every 3 Hours
The best way to burn fat quickly is to keep eating. You should consume six small meals a day. Why? When you go for a long time without eating, your system goes into starvation mode. Since your body doesn’t know when to expect another meal, it conserves calories, turning them into fat to survive, which results in weight gain. What’s more, frequent snacking keeps you satiated so you don’t overeat at your next meal. Just make sure each meal has the right combo of fulfilling protein and carbs. Think: a small banana with one tablespoon of peanut butter or a slice of whole-wheat toast with low-fat cheese.

Don’t Watch the Scale

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is relying on what the scale says. If you’re working out, you’re likely building muscle, which weighs more than fat, so your number will be higher. Your weight can fluctuate up to seven pounds throughout the day thanks to water retention. Limit checking to once every two weeks. That way, you’ll be focusing on how your clothes look and fit—the true indicator of weight loss.

Flatter Stomach | Want to Lose Weight | Nice Abs | Lose Fat Faster Im here to provide you with information on how to lose weight faster, really your here because you want to lose weight, right? Well if you want nice abs, or just a flatter stomach just keep up with my posts and you will know how i did it!